Common Issues with Your In-Ground Pool Liner

Pool Liner

Each in-ground pool owner hopes their pool liner will last another season. You may be able to repair your pool liner to extend its lifespan. Repairs are less costly and quicker than replacements. However, not all issues with pool liners can be fixed with repairs.

This article will discuss common problems that can be repaired. See if you relate to any of these issues and get your pool ready for the new season.

Tears and Holes

Pool liners can tear and develop holes for many reasons. Objects like sticks or rocks in the water can damage the liner. Often, the age of the liner plays a major role. Old liners may get holes and tears seemingly without any direct cause. Older liners are generally more prone to damage.

Water and air trapped in these tears and holes can harm the surrounding area, including causing cracks in concrete and soil erosion. It’s important to address these problems early on.

Fortunately, tears and holes are usually easy to spot. You might need professional help to identify other less obvious issues. Repairs for holes and tears are straightforward if they are a few inches long. Fixing them promptly can prevent further damage and maintain the appearance of your pool.

Liner Leaks

Leaks often occur alongside tears and holes. The pool liner’s main function is to provide a soft swimming area and to keep the water inside the pool. If your liner leaks, water escapes, leading to damage and the extra cost of refilling the pool.

Floating Pool Liners

Bubbles and bulges in floating pool liners are caused by air pushing out from behind the liner. This is often due to hydrostatic pressure on the pool’s structure. A large amount of groundwater near the pool can also make the liner float. This is especially common in pools located in flood zones or lower elevations. Following heavy rain, pool liners may bubble and float more frequently.

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