The beauty of your garden goes through the maintenance of the paths and borders, the lawn and the low walls. Don’t want to use herbicides that are dangerous for wildlife and groundwater? You are totally right and Truc Mania invites you to use natural methods, without side effects on your environment. Discover 9 natural weedkillers, with a little bonus, a homemade recipe to quickly get rid of weeds. Selective weed killer© istock

MULCHING, TO AVOID WEEDING Don’t wait for weeds to grow around your shrubs, plants, and even some vegetables. Then, cover the soil with grass clippings, dried straw, sawdust or wood shavings. Herbs deprived of light will not be able to grow. These mulches bring a very nice aesthetic touch to a garden.

FOOL THE ENEMY WITH FAKE SEEDLINGS With stale seedbeds, the idea is to give weeds an ideal place to grow.

Prepare the ground as if you were planning to plant your seedlings there. Weeds will immediately take over your patch of land to grow there. All you have to do is uproot them as soon as they appear, having loosened the soil will make their removal easier. Then plant your seedlings in weed-free soil. Also read: 5 recipes for making homemade hydroalcoholic gel

THE THERMAL WEEDER, A SAFE TOOL It’s the good idea of ​​the handyman-gardener! Having a thermal weeder in your toolbox will allow you to eradicate many plants whose presence you do not appreciate. Here, there are no side effects, since the solution holds in the heat it gives off. It has no impact on the nature of the soil and it does not produce waste. It’s a good investment if you want to have flawless driveways and borders.

STARCH COOKING WATER IS THE ENEMY OF WEEDS Weeds are no friends with starch, especially when it’s hot and salty. This combination of factors is an opportunity to recycle a super weed killer that you usually throw down the sink. Save the cooking water from your pasta and potatoes and water with the places where the weeds are growing. Cooking Water© istock

BAKING SODA, THE STAR OF NATURAL WEEDKILLERS Truc Mania often sells you the propertiesbaking soda.Know that it is very effective for weeding terraces and garden paths. This product, which we should call sodium bicarbonate, can be used pure or in solution in a spray bottle. Sprinkle baking soda over the areas to be weeded, then spray water so that it is absorbed by the soil. You can also mix 2 tablespoons with 1 liter of water and pour the preparation directly on the weeds.

USE WHITE VINEGAR , BUT SPARINGLY White vinegar is an excellent product that is also used in the composition of many recipes for natural weedkillers. Indeed, when it penetrates the earth, it destroys all the micro-organisms contained in the soil. It is also preferable to use white vinegar as a contact herbicide, that is to say by brushing the foliage of the plants to be eliminated. You can use it pure or barely diluted, and add a few drops of black soap to it to make the preparation more adherent.

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