Choosing a mobile massage table for home masseuse

home masseuse

If you wish to equip yourself with massage furniture or spa furniture , contact Cledical, the specialist in the distribution of medical equipment in Gaillac. We offer a complete range of examination tables and medical chairs for professionals , but also stationary or mobile massage couches . Are you a home masseur or manager of a fitness institute  ? Discover all our equipment for massage at home . Our specialized and dynamic staff is available to assist you in choosing your home wellness massage table .

Which massage table for a home masseuse?

If you work from home with your patients, having comfortable and practical equipment is essential. Are you looking for home massage furniture  ? Opt for one of our foldable and transportable massage tables . We have models with armrests to provide better comfort to your patient. In wood or aluminium, our mobile massage tables are resolutely light and easy to transport. They are also equipped with a carrying case to facilitate your every move.

Are you  an osteopath or physiotherapist and you have to accompany a patient during his rehabilitation? Make it easy for yourself with a modular massage table at home . The wooden model is slightly heavier than the aluminum table, but it offers better stability, and it is totally indicated for the relief of muscle or joint pain. It has a very simple folding mechanism and it promotes the well-being and comfort of your patient throughout the massage session.

For at-home facials , opt for a lightweight , aluminum-designed massage table . In addition to its instant folding device, your equipment can be equipped, if you wish, with a removable headrest or arm rest . Cledical offers you a massage table for exfoliation at home , both solid and easy to handle. With a weight between 12 and 15 kg, you can transport it more easily and work in optimal conditions.

How to choose a massage table?

Various factors should be considered when choosing a professional massage table . Above all, it is important to buy equipment that is the right size for all of your patients. In addition, an hourglass-shaped table (with a narrow width in the middle) promotes better access for the professional. Do not hesitate to test our equipment to make a totally beneficial choice. The weight is also a determining factor for the purchase of a mobile massage table . Heavier equipment certainly promotes better comfort for your patients, to the detriment of yours. If you have to carry, for example, 18 kg every day, it is possible that this will end up causing damage to your own body.

Opt for a table with a dense and firm foam, which automatically returns to its initial shape after each massage. Good quality foam is the guarantee of a longer life for your table. In addition, remember to check the presence of a height adjustment device to be able to adjust your massage table to the right level, in order to work more comfortably. Also make sure there are cables below your massage equipment: these ensure the maintenance of the table through the tension they exert on it. Finally, as far as upholstery is concerned, give preference to PVC coverings, which are particularly resistant to water and oil.

Order and delivery of your massage table provided by your supplier

At Cledical, all our equipment for masseuses and physiotherapists is manufactured in accordance with current standards. We offer professional equipment of excellent quality and definitely comfortable for your patients.

To order a folding massage table or any other professional equipment for physiotherapists , contact Cledical to discover all our offers. We are available to guide you in the selection of your equipment and we then ensure the delivery of your massage table to your office or home. Specialized in the sale of foldable furniture for massage at home , Cledical only offers you completely solid and rigid equipment for your osteopathic treatment sessions or your fitness sessions at home .

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